Capturing the Waves of Inspiration: An interview with AI Artist Charlie Moon

One constant remains in the ever-evolving landscape of art: our profound connection to nature. Within this context, we delve into the world of Charlie Moon, whose artwork serves as a timely reflection of our interconnectedness with the earth and its inhabitants. Join us as we journey through the ethereal realms of her imagination, where the beauty of human talent and the wonders of AI converge to create something truly magical.

Welcome Charlie...

Can you tell us about your background, origin, and where you grew up?

I'm from The Netherlands, born and raised in a small town called Boxtel. When I was young, I spent a lot of time outdoors and got into mischief - riding my bike through the alleys, causing a bit of chaos. I also enjoyed dressing up in wild outfits and then going around ringing doorbells, and doing silly dances.

How did you first get involved in fashion design? What attracted you to it?

Fashion has always been a big deal for me. It's how I show off my creative side. People at school thought I was a bit strange because of my appearance. After finishing high school, I studied product styling and communication for four years. Then, I went to Amsterdam to study at AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute).

But halfway through my third year, during an internship at Anne Sofie Madsen's fashion studio in Copenhagen, I realized something. Seeing the ins and outs of the fashion industry up close made me see it in a different light. It felt unhealthy to me. So, I left the internship and came back home. I told AMFI that I wasn't going back. AMFI is about training fashion designers for the commercial world, but I realized it wasn't for me. Don't get me wrong, I love fashion, just not the kind that's all about mass production.

Fashion Artist | Charlie Moon

Where do you normally draw your inspiration from?

Since I was young, my dad has taken me to various destinations worldwide. At 15, I stepped foot on French Polynesia's Bora Bora, and from then on, I was forever captivated - craving more beauty. The marine life was astounding; I've always considered the ocean my greatest love and a boundless source of inspiration, along with all living organisms.

What other creative fields have you pursued besides fashion design?

I've always been entrepreneurial. Once, I bought a caravan and painted it in vibrant colours, taking it to numerous festivals to offer henna art and sell homemade tie-dye shirts. Crafting leather bags has been another of my endeavours. I've also painted extensively on large canvases, selling my work internationally. For a few years, I led projects at a social workplace, where we repurposed second-hand items into new fashion and interior products.

Following that, I embarked on a two-year journey as a digital nomad, earning through graphic design, illustration, social media content creation, and designing labels for international alcohol brands. This venture led to the inception of Charlie Moon Studio, which I've been running for 5 years now. Music has always been a passion; I sang in a band, composed our own music, and performed. Although I miss singing, balancing it all with raising two young children, managing my company, and my fascination with AI has its challenges.

Fashion Designer | Charlie Moon

Fashion Artist | Charlie Moon

What parts of the world have you travelled to and which countries have captivated you the most? How do other world cultures influence your work?

So my two years of travelling took me to New Zealand, Australia, and back to French Polynesia. I lost count, but I think I visited over 50 countries worldwide. From roughing it in the woods of Norway to staying in luxurious resorts in Polynesia, I've experienced it all. This weekend, I'll be heading to Vienna! Costa Rica was incredibly inspiring because of its beautiful animals - colourful cicadas creating symphonies with the sound of waves, and howler monkeys serenading from the rooftops at night.

Australia and its whales, oh my! I drove the entire east coast while the whales migrated alongside, leaping out of the water in a mesmerizing display of magic. During my second visit to Polynesia, I worked on an organic farm in the mountains. When it rained, the mountains transformed into giant waterfalls, and water eels gracefully emerged in nearby rivers. They were so gentle you could even kiss them. Swimming with wild dolphins, sharks, and clownfish (like Nemo)—those memories make me homesick just thinking about them. I still have flashbacks every day.

In New Zealand, I travelled by car, with a bed in the back, feeling wild and free. I carried a big battery on my laptop with some Wi-Fi, doing my work on the beach. It was pure freedom and so inspiring. I met incredibly kind people, fellow travellers, and seekers of freedom. Life is amazing.

Animals are one of my biggest sources of inspiration. I often find myself more drawn to them than humans because of their harmonious relationship with nature - there's a wisdom in that balance that I deeply admire. It's also incredibly fascinating to see how they adapt to their environments.

Gemstone Beach was truly enchanting - it's the southernmost spot in New Zealand, adorned with gems. For days, I scoured the shore for these treasures, washed ashore from Antarctica. To me, they represent the purest stones on Earth, untouched until my hands embraced them. I keep them in a sack, and whenever I hold them, I feel pure energy coursing through me, grounding me to the earth.

Fashion Designer | Charlie Moon

Fashion Designer | Charlie Moon

Your creative artwork

How would you describe your art style in a few words?

Dreamy landscapes featuring strong yet gentle women, surrounded by magical creatures. Embracing love, and kindness, and offering an escape from life's challenges. Using soft pastels, vibrant neon hues, and indigenous patterns inspired by my nomadic journey.

Where do these characters come from? What inspires them?

As a child, I had a large poster in my room featuring an ocean princess with flowing white hair, surrounded by dolphins leaping into the water towards the moon. Interestingly, I find myself now creating similar artworks.

That room holds some tough memories for me. I've faced setbacks and given up on things many times. Yet, that poster seemed to silently suggest, "Here is your path, even if you're not aware of it yet."

Also, a few years ago, my brother passed away due to mental illness. I believe he didn't receive enough love during his lifetime. Sometimes, I feel that all the "hugging" in my artwork is a way for me to process and express the love I wish I could have given him.

 AI Artist | Charlie Moon

I noticed that female characters are an integral part of your artwork, can you tell me why?

I've always been fascinated by women. To me, they symbolize Mother Earth, the nurturing womb, and the essence of life's strength. But don't get me wrong, I have a deep appreciation for men too! In my daily life, I often find myself gravitating more towards male company.

AI Artist | Charlie Moon

What pieces are you most proud of, and why?

When I finish my work, I become my harshest critic. I always see room for improvement, a trait that's been consistent throughout all my endeavours. I find it hard to become attached to my work because I'm constantly focused on how to make it better next time or gain new ideas from it. I don't feel proud of my work, but I'm completely at peace with that. It keeps me motivated and serves as my secret recipe for continuous growth every day.

AI Artist | Charlie Moon

What types of stories are you interested in telling through your artwork?

I'm interested in creating stories that spark people's imaginations, allowing them to fill in the details with their own creativity. I hope to trigger a sense of wonder and imagination in viewers when they see my work. Occasionally, I share one of my images on my private Facebook with a corresponding story. I give the woman and the animal featured in the artwork names, and depending on the setting, I craft a tale to accompany it, inviting others to join me in a journey of imagination.

My biggest message, though it may sound corny, is simply this: be kind to one another. Life is tough enough as it is. By showing kindness and giving love, we can make the journey a little easier for everyone.

AI Artist | Charlie Moon

Your experience with AI

How did you get started with Generative AI?

I started just three months ago, on January 1st, 2024. When I discovered MidJourney and realized what I was capable of, I jumped up from my seat, walked over to my husband with my mouth wide open, and started doing a quirky dance - just like I used to do as a kid when ringing doorbells. He thought I'd lost my mind. I was speechless at first, but then I started screaming with joy. No joke. I felt incredibly liberated because finally, there was a tool that allowed me to express everything inside me. It was an intensely happy moment. Since that day, I've been working with it every single day.

What tools do you use and why?

I use MidJourney and Runway ML for videos, along with a lot of Adobe Photoshop. I've been a hardcore Photoshopper since I was 13, and the combination of AI and professional Photoshop skills enabled me to create the things I make today.

What are the projects you are currently working on?

Currently, I work with brands, integrating their products into my AI artworks. Additionally, I sell customized artworks worldwide, incorporating customers' faces into the artwork. I have an exhibition this Friday in Dubai, and soon I'll begin selling my work locally in galleries. It's been an incredible journey so far.

AI Artist | Charlie Moon

Does the use of AI influence your creative style? Or is it the other way around?

The use of AI shapes my creative style, amplifying my vision. I view AI as a powerful tool, enhancing my artistry rather than replacing it. I believe the future of design will continue evolving rapidly with technological advancements like AI, despite some resistance from traditionalists. While change can be unsettling, I embrace it as an opportunity for growth and innovation. I see AI as a complement to traditional craftsmanship, offering new possibilities for creativity and collaboration. It's about finding harmony between old and new, and embracing change as an integral part of the creative process.

AI Artist | Charlie Moon

What the future holds

What advice would you give to people who want to get started in a creative field such as fashion, art, or design?

Follow your heart. It may sound cliché, but those who stay dedicated often go the farthest. And most importantly, keep your inner child alive! Life is too short to lose your sense of wonder and playfulness.

Where can we find you and support your work? Are there any upcoming projects, exhibitions and/or events you would like us to know about?

You can find my work on my Instagram:

My traditional illustrations, my magic stones and travel photos at Instagram: or visit my website

This Friday, I'll be participating in AFN at the H Hotel in Dubai, showcasing my latest AI creations on screens.

Dubai Exhibition | Charlie Moon

What type of professional services do you offer?

I create customized artwork for (famous) customers worldwide and collaborate with multiple brands to integrate their products into my images.

What are your hopes for the world, what do you wish would happen more of?

I used to harbour anger towards the world and its cruelty, but now I've learned to let it go and trust the process we're all part of. I hope that we'll gradually recognize our interconnectedness instead of focusing solely on individuality. AI also reflects our collective consciousness, signalling progress in the right direction. We don't stand alone; we're united, as I portray in my work. Let's catch some waves together.

AI Artist | Charlie Moon 

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Beautiful artwork …I resonate so much as I create similar works and have a similar story…haven’t been to new Zealand or bora bora tho. What a privilege.
I keep asking myself tho. To be so in tune and advocate for animals. Is Charlie moon vegan?


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