Embracing Creativity: Zenaida Ossana’s Journey Through Fashion Design and AI

Portrait of a woman covered in paint blobs | Artwork by Zenaida Ossana

In the dynamic world of fashion, which is often criticised for its environmental impact, Zenaida Ossana envisions a world of eco-friendly practices thanks to the emergence of AI. From her roots in Argentina to her family life in Ibiza, Zenaida's journey is one of passion, creativity, and constant learning to excel at what she does.

Let's dive into her journey of combining timeless fashion elements with cutting-edge technology to pioneer a more sustainable future in the industry. 

Welcome Zenaida...

Can you tell us a bit about your background. Where are you originally from?

I’m originally from Sampacho, a small town in Córdoba, Argentina. I currently reside in Ibiza, Spain, with my large family (I have three children). I have been living on this beautiful island for 17 years, always immersed in the world of fashion and design industry. 

Although I initially studied law, my passion for fashion was always present. I enrolled in every design course I could find, including sewing. However, it was with the advent of technology that I truly began to delve into fashion design. 

Sampacho, Argentina

What attracted you to fashion design? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

What attracted me the most to this world was the freedom to express my creativity and bring my ideas to life. My inspiration comes from life itself, from every corner of the world, and from the experiences I have lived. 

Discovering how AI can help shape my creative dreams was a crucial moment that led me to explore new forms of expression in fashion. Ideas come from nowhere, sometimes from a drawing by my daughters or simply by observing the world around me. 

Portrait of a model inside a collage
Portrait of a model inside a collage

I often translate my ideas into collages on Canva and then try to describe them precisely to Midjourney, an AI that helps me materialize my most extravagant concepts.

Although I love the collage process, I know it is not always easy. Midjourney is brilliant, but sometimes it is difficult to find the exact words to convey my visions. I am very demanding with my work and never easily satisfied; I am always seeking to improve and perfect my creations.

Your creative artwork

Can you tell us a bit more about your creative process and fashion style?

My creative process is quite organic and spontaneous. Ideas arise naturally, without being forced. When I need inspiration, I do not actively seek it; instead, I let it flow by going for a walk or visiting places that inspire me, such as the wonderful island where I live. I usually start by creating collages of what I visualize for each collection. I create my own patterns and ideas, which allows me to maintain a timeless approach to my designs, merging iconic elements from the fashion eras of the 2000s and 90s with contemporary and timeless influences. 

Portrait of a woman covered in paint spots | Artwork by Zenaida Ossana
Portrait of a woman covered in spots | Artwork by Zenaida Ossana

These decades are my main source of inspiration, but I also love exploring various cultural and aesthetic influences to create a unique and eclectic style in my designs. I incorporate embroidery, original textures, bold prints, and neon details to add a distinctive touch to my creations. 

I prefer originality over the basic and always strive to stand out in my designs. Although I currently use Midjourney in my creative process, I am working on a future project to offer services to fashion brands using another application. I hope to successfully implement it and continue exploring new forms of expression in the world of fashion design.

Fashion Portrait of a beautiful African model | Artowork by Zenaida Ossana
Fashion portrait of a beautiful African woman | Artwork by Zenaida Ossana

Your experience with AI

Why AI? What attracted you to it?

My experience with AI has been truly transformative. I started exploring the world of AI almost by chance while taking a course that included learning about this technology. From that moment, I immersed myself completely in its study and couldn't stop. I realized that AI offered a universe of infinite possibilities at my feet.

What are your thoughts about designing with AI vs. traditional methods?

I had always felt an attraction to art and creativity, but I had doubted my ability to draw, despite being involved in artistic activities all my life. AI offered me a way to materialize my ideas without the limitations I had previously felt.

What is your prediction for the future of fashion design in the context of AI? How do you believe it will evolve?

I am especially excited about how AI is revolutionizing the approach to sustainability in fashion production and many other fields. With the help of AI, we can optimize design and production processes to reduce material waste and minimize environmental impact. 

Sustainable Fashion Design | Zenaida Ossana
Sustainable Fashion Design | Zenaida Ossana

However, to fully harness this potential, it is essential to establish standards and regulations that guide its ethical and responsible use in all industries. This almost natural integration of AI into fashion not only drives creativity but also promotes more responsible and sustainable practices in the industry. 

In short, AI opens up a world of infinite possibilities that, when used and regulated well, can lead us to new creative horizons and a more sustainable future in fashion design and beyond.

Your hopes for the future

What advice would you give to people who want to get started in a creative field such as fashion design?

For those who want to venture into any creative field with AI, my advice would be to trust your instincts and not be afraid to be original. In a world where imitation is common, what is authentic and different is always more valued. It is important not to try to copy others but to cultivate and express our own creative voice. 

Although it may seem easier nowadays to access tools like artificial intelligence to create, the true value lies in the originality and uniqueness of our creations. It is crucial to keep studying and stay up to date with new updates and advancements in technology, as this can open up new opportunities and forms of expression in our chosen field. 

In summary, let us embrace our creative individuality and continue learning and evolving on our path to artistic excellence. The world is waiting for our unique and authentic creations!

Sustainable Fashion Design | Zenaida Ossana


What projects are you currently working on and services do you offer?

I plan to launch my web platform soon, which will offer exclusive services in Brand Design and Strategy, leveraging my creativity and the cutting-edge technology of AI. My distinctive approach will be to turn ideas into tangible successes, offering a comprehensive range of services that will include brand creation, product design, fashion design, and innovative advertising campaigns.

Through the integration of cutting-edge technologies, including GenAI, I will provide innovative solutions that span from conceptual design to art direction, ensuring truly unique and effective results.

With meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the market, my goal will be to guide brands towards success, offering services that range from creating visual identity to managing content on social media.

Overall, I'm committed to delivering cutting-edge results and positioning myself as a leader in brand design and development.

Back of a beautiful male model wearing sustainable fashion | Zenaida Ossana

How can people contact you?

You can reach out to me through my email hello@iafashionista.com

Other channels where you can find me are:

Instagram | Website | Shop

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