Navigating the Multiverse of Clowns and Magic with Rodrigo Antomil

In reflecting on the evolution of art, it's essential to acknowledge the resilience of artists throughout millennia, adapting to various technological shifts. Similar to the transformative impact of Gutenberg's press, which displaced certain analogue art methods but simultaneously opened up new opportunities, jobs, and specialties.

The advent of generative AI introduces fresh avenues for expressing ideas and approaches to artistic endeavours. With this in mind, I am pleased to introduce 'Multiverso Frenchyart' and his enchanting realm, where magic and creativity intertwine.

Let's begin...

Rodrigo, where are you from? Where did you grow up?

I come from the north of Spain, specifically the Asturias province.

How did you first get involved in art?

In my neighbourhood, there are many street artists and tattoo artists from all over the world. That’s where my curiosity kicked in, especially around the whole tattoo scene.

What kind of artists, people or experiences have inspired you over time, and why?

I like Dalí because of his unique style and the madness he infused into his surrealistic paintings, a style that captivates me the most. His paintings are truly wonderful. However, I’ve always been intrigued by the world of tattoos, where numerous remarkable artists, including Robert HernandezPaul BoothVictor Portugal, and many others, create incredibly surreal faces and bodies with such intricate detail that they almost seem tangible. Over the years, I have been inspired by countless images, and since discovering AI, I am now excited to capture it all.

Robert Hernandez | Tattoo Artist
Victor Portugal, Tattoo Artist

Your creative journey

Your Instagram profile is called 'Multiverso Frenchyart'. What inspired this name?

My friends call me Frenchy, and I added ‘art multiverse’ because what I generate with AI is like imagined parallel universes.

Where do you normally draw inspiration for your artwork?

I draw inspiration from various sources. I’ve been influenced by observing friends paint graffiti and create tattoos over the years. I’ve absorbed brushstrokes and techniques from each of them. Additionally, I find inspiration in real photographs, paintings, and even other artists within the realm of AI. They all motivate me to blend elements with my style.

AI Artist | Rodrigo Antomil

I noticed a clown character is a recurring theme in your work. Can you tell me why?

I have a fondness for clowns. I even have a tattoo of my son portrayed as a clown. This magical world captivates me, and recently, I’ve been developing a style that compliments my artistic vision. Crafting portraits of clowns adds a fascinating touch to my work, which I find immensely satisfying.

What do you think a clown signifies in the modern context of society?

I cannot speak for others, but in my perspective, perhaps the presence of a clown signifies the need for magic in our lives. It might also contribute to creating a better world by spreading joy, happiness, and inspiration.

AI Artist | Rodrigo Antomil

Are your characters inspired by real people or life experiences?

Real people or life experiences do not directly inspire me. I enjoy crafting characters in that manner. When I have an idea, I generate numerous images and add elements until something emerges that resonates with me.

AI Artist | Rodrigo Antomil

What are you aiming to communicate with your artwork?

I intend for people to enjoy the art and take a moment to appreciate it. Hopefully, it will inspire them and uplift their spirits. It’s been fulfilling to receive messages from artists interested in hand-painting my works; it fills me with pride. We’re using a valuable tool here.

AI Artist | Rodrigo Antomil

Your experience with AI

Why use AI to create art? Why now?

Because what I envision, you can achieve in just a few minutes or after some experimentation. It’s an additional tool that everyone can use. Also, AI is in fashion, and creating with it relaxes me.

Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process?

It starts when I encounter something that captures my attention, whether it’s an image or an object. Then I generate numerous images using AI, and as I progress, I infuse them with my personal style. Eventually, I refine the result until it aligns with my vision.

AI Artist | Rodrigo Antomil

AI Artist | Rodrigo Antomil

AI Artist | Rodrigo Antomil

How is using AI different from traditional art tools?

It’s a tool that makes the creation process easier, but I anticipate individuals will also use it alongside more conventional tools in their artistic endeavours.

Do you believe there should be more regulation when it comes to protecting an AI artist's work?

Yes, I do. However, plagiarising something that you have created isn’t easy, as everyone now looks at others and produces similar work. The key lies in being different and embracing your own style.

Where do you see the future of AI going? Should we feel threatened by it?

The future of AI holds immense potential and will continue to expand across various sectors. Its integration as a tool is already widespread. There’s no need to feel threatened; rather, I view it as highly beneficial. How individuals choose to use AI depends on their preferences and needs.

AI Artist | Rodrigo Antomil

What's next...

What are the projects you're currently working on with AI?

Currently, I am focusing on enhancing my profile with my artwork. Additionally, I am creating an art toy using 3D printing technology, and I've already designed one with the help of AI.

What are you ultimately hoping to achieve with your art?

Well, I’m eager to see what the future holds. I’m excited that more and more people are following and encouraging me through Instagram.

Where can we find and support your work?

You can find and support my work on my Instagram profile. I’m also in close collaboration with some venue leaders to arrange a potential art exhibition. I hope it goes ahead.

What message would you like to share with the artist community or anybody getting started with AI?

Enjoy what you do, and don’t stop there. Work on improving your technique and develop your own style, one that people can identify you with.

AI Artist | Rodrigo Antomil

AI Artist | Rodrigo Antomil

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